When my grandmother was just 45 she was diagnosed with lupus. From that day forward, she took control of her own health, putting aside allopathic medicine and following alternative, holistic and herbal health care. She lived a strong and vibrant life, free from disease, until she died in 2015 at the age 96. Her story inspired me to follow my own journey of natural healing. Volunteering at Kolapore Gardens organic farm in 2012, I went home with a mason jar filled with starter tea (kombucha) and my very own SCOBY (mother – Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). My passion for crafting fermented beverage grew, and was greatly appreciated by friends and family. The interest grew and inspired me to build a business that helps people on their wellness journey toward better gut health. Collingwood Kombucha is available for purchase at The Wild Stand General Store.

The Wild Stand Store
856 Hurontario St. Unit #2, Collingwood

(705) 444-1777


Where to find Collingwood Kombucha in Collingwood

The Wild Stand General Store
Gibson & Co.
Low Down

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