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Seeing the beauty of Georgian Bay and wanting to start a business that could help grow locally while using the strengths of the area, Craig Wagner was inspired to start a spirits company that would give back to the community. Shelley Johnston was consulted to take on the challenge of starting a premium distillery with Craig. Taking her passion for high quality cocktails and being given the opportunity to share with a broader base was an offer she couldn’t possibly refuse.

The two partners are the founder of Freshwater Distillery Inc. With the company philosophy having the goal to become as sustainable as possible without compromising a high end product that Collingwood and Georgian Bay could be proud of. Business helping business responsibly, and business helping people responsibly, is a key foundation of their company’s mandate.

No on-site visits available at this time.

395 Raglan St Unit 4a, Collingwood
(705) 443-0291


Where to find Freshwater Distillery Vodka & Gin in Collingwood

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