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The Best of our Bevvies

Collingwood is quickly becoming Ontario’s Craft Beverage Capital and we invite you to take a self-guided, self-serve tour of the 4 beer breweries, 4 distilleries to see and celebrate why.

Our brewers, distillers, and craft food destinations together create a magic opportunity for you to tour, tap and taste the incredible amazing food and beverages that follow in the footsteps of Collingwood’s long history of brewing, distilling, and culinary expertise dating back to the 1800s.

Eight award-winning craft beverage producers have come together to create a tour that also lets people tap into the different virtual events, small outdoor patios, takeout & delivery options available in this historic, waterfront town.

The self-serve tour can be done on foot, by bike or in a car. The different routes for each option can be found here and include stops at producers that have storefronts, and restaurants serving their products.


The first local distillery opened its doors in 1852 near the mouth of the Pretty River and a second distillery opened in 1853.


By 1854 there were three Taverns and a brewery in town when the railway was finally completed through to Collingwood in the spring of 1855. By summer of 1855 the town with a population 1,000, was in an economic boom with four comfortable hotels.


By 1857, the Town boasted fifteen hotels and taverns and all of the retail stores sold liquor.


The Town of Collingwood was formally incorporated in 1858.
*sourced from Whisky & Wickeness, Volume 4 by Larry D. Cotton. Copies of Whisky & Wickedness can be purchased at The Collingwood Museum.

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